3D sound Engine for Aircrafts builders.


What is it:

64 bit MAC/WIN plugin for X-Plane 10 aircrafts what allow to build 3D sound for your?payware/freeware aircraft. Based on OpenAL, support OpenAL sound features. Allow you to build 3D sound via config files.

What need to start:

1. Download .ZIP pack.

2. Unzip pack.

3. Create “plugins” folder in your aircraft *** folder.

4. Copy “sound3d” folder from ZIP pack to?“plugins” folder in your aircraft folder.

*** – For first trying, you can copy ?sound3d? folder to ..X-PLANE 10/Aircraft/General Aviation/Cessna 172SP/plugins folder (default Cessna-172) and listen how sound change when You Enable/Disable 3Dsound engine via Sim/Menu/Plugins/PluginAdmin. Try to click cockpit manipulators, listen how to engine sound change. This is only example. You can do better!!!

What next:

To build your sound you need edit set.ini file and sound.cfg files.

Every line in set.ini file is a soundgroup name. Soundgroup is a folder with sound.cfg file and a number of .wav files.

sound.cfg file is a description of your sounds with parameters:

# COMMENTS – you can use ?#? as a first symbol for a comment string

# MASTERVOLUME STRING (mandatory) – set what dataref will be used as master volume for all next sounds. Example:

# TYPE STRING (mandatory) – set type of sound. Can be 3d or 2d. Example:

# POSITIONS STRINGS (mandatory) – set position of the sound. X,Y,Z – relative coordinates from aircraft CG points. You can us datarefeditor to see them. Please move your view close to needed point and read Sim/graphics/view/pilots_head_x, Sim/graphics/view/pilots_head_y, Sim/graphics/view/pilots_head_z data refs to get X,Y,Z relative coordinates. Example:

# SOUNDFILE (mandatory) – the name of .wav file in your group folder. Should be 16/44 mono format without Tags. Example:

#Play type (mandatory). 5 types usable:
#1 continuous
#2 once_when_drf_change
#3 continuous_while_drf_change
#4 once_when_drf_equal
#5 continuous_while_drf_equal

#PLAY MANAGEMENT DATAREF (mandatory for 2,3,4,5 types). Set the data ref, values that will control the start and stop of the audiosample playback. Example:

#You can wright a list of play data refs. In this case plugin will be count the summ of values and will use this summ to control the start and stop of the audiosample playback. Example:

# internal and external sound volume (mandatory). Example:

# Volume and pitch management datas. If you want to set volume and pitch graphic, you need set the base data ref and volume/pitch graphic points. Example:

# other OpenAL parameters:
# (optional) used with the Inverse Clamped Distance Model to set the distance where there will no longer be any attenuation of the source. Example:

# (optional) the rolloff rate for the source default is 1.0. Example:

# (optional) the distance under which the volume for the source would normally drop by half (before being influenced by rolloff factor or AL_MAX_DISTANCE). Example:

# (optional) the gain when inside the oriented cone. Example:

# (optional) outer angle of the sound cone, in degrees default is 360. Example:

# (optional) the gain when outside the oriented cone. Example:

# (optional) Direction of the Cone. If cone look forward z=-1. If cone look up y=1. If look right x=1. Example (look back):

How to get?licensed copy for your aircraft.

If you are X_plane aircraft developer, you can get licensed copy of this plugin:
– for free, if this aircraft freeware AND your soundpack will be shared for other users for free
– for money, if your aircraft payware OR your soundpack will be payware product

– for money, if you make soundpack FOR personal use

Please contact:


Use a plug without a license is not allowed in any cases, except for use in the demo mode. Demo mode have working time limitation.

As example you can download and learn sound3d pack from JARDesign a330

.ZIP from a330 aircraft

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