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            X-Plane 10 plugin by JARDesign

            USD $9.95 BUY NOW:

            3 in 1 TOW PLUGIN

            Schopf F396 P, Douglas TBL-280 and CLARK CT80 included

            3 IN ONE

            Include 3 type of Tow – small, medium and large type.

            3D SOUND

            Sounds simulating the real engine types. You can hear it!

            Flexible control

            Manual (joystick) and SemiAuto (screen pult) drive mode.

            Realistic physics

            Advanced algorithms to calculate realistic motion.


            Requirements: X-Plane 10 (ver 10.25+), Windows (7-8-10) 64 bit or MAC OS 64 bit (Yosemite+), no Linux support. Single user license. The team has the right to keep in a product all simplifications and discrepancies which can be considered as necessary. This product not intended for real-life specialists training. Some X-Plane aircrafts (very rare case) with specific flightmodel control algorythms can work incorrect with TugMaster (Ex: QPACK a320, Peter’s a32.., Q400). Some aircrafts have different position of their nosewheel in 3D model and .acf-file’s flightmodel. In this case Bar can draw with some visual offset from nosewheel center. To imitate nosewheel steering, aircraft need some hydraulic power. If no hydraulic power – no imitation possible and nosewheel stay straight. TugMaster has not been tested for compatibility with all third-party plug-ins that exist for X-Plane in the world. Therefore, we can not guarantee the absence of conflicts between some other third-party plugins and it is necessary to warn you about this. Not good idea to use flight simulator without joystick. But, yes, TugMaster will work in this case too, with mouse only. For this case please be sure what you have assign aircraft nose wheel rotation command to some keyboard buttons!

            Tow Types:

            3 in one – Include 3 type of Tow – small, medium and large, Perfect 3D models, 3D tow engine sound, Manual and SemiAuto drive mode.


            The prototype – Douglas TBL-280, medium size, full-featured, towbarless aircraft handling tractor with a unique cradle capturing system. Key Applications: Pushbacks, Inter-gate towing, Longer distance maintenance towing.


            The prototype is Schopf F396 P – conventional, four-wheel drive, for all wide-body aircraft presently in service. Schopf′s heaviest and best-selling tractor is the world. The “P” version is ideal for the aircraft such as Airbus A380.


            The prototype is CLARK CT80 – world famous, old-school, 100,000 lbs towing capacity tow. Standard trans w/torque converter acts as auto transmission, tight 127″ turning radius, great low cost unit for up to G4 traffic.


            Price not include VAT for your country. Be sure what you are not really need “Download Protection” option and you can Remove it.


            BUY NOW $9.95

            Driver Notes (How To..)

            So, it’s time to drag out our plane .. Where is my Tug??? Please use X-Plane upper MENU and...

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            HOW TO INSTALL

            1. Be sure what you use OSX 10.9-10.10 or Windows 7-8-10 and X-Plane 64 bit 10.42 Next...

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            By start using this Software product (?TugMaster Deluxe? – X-Plane 10 plugin), you agree to...

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