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            Driver Notes (How To..)

            So, it’s time to drag out our plane ..

            Where is my Tug??? Please use X-Plane upper MENU and select PLUGINS/TUG MASTER/START. You will see the tug and the PULT.



            If you run your tug first time, please dont forget check some settings.


            You can change sound volume. Select are you want F8 hotkey or not and select between the primary and alternative control method. Main (primary, when options ALTERNATE JOYSTICK MODE not selected) method use direct joystick axis reading to move your tug manual. In this case the aircraft controls will not move with joystick moving while you run tug. But this method not work well for all computers. To check this, you can just move your joystick forward to drive tug forward, pull it to drive back, move joystick to left/right to rotate tug wheels left/right. If this action not work or tug drive themself you need select ALTERNATE JOYSTICK MODE. In this case, plugin read joystick movement after it processing by X-Plane. As result, you can see the aircraft controls moving (elevators, ailerons, etc).

            If you dont want F8 as hotkey, you can assign custom command “itow/on” to start tug.


            As usual, we have several stage for towing.

            1. Drive to aircraft.

            – Please use your joystick PUSH/PULL/LEFT/RIGHT to drive to aircraft or just click CALL to autodrive from loading position to aircraft.


            2. CONNECT.

            If you near aircraft (as bar lenght) and have angle no more 5 deg (from aircraft straight line), you can see what your LOCK button active (light). Now you can click LOCK to connect tow to aircraft. Aircraft can make little move in this case.


            If you use MEDIUM type, you need wait a time while connection happen.

            3. TOWING.

            As soon your tug connected you can drive it manual with joystick (mouse work well too, if joystick not connect) or semiauto – with your PULT.


            If you towing with PULT you need use only first speed (just one click to forward/backward button on PULT) when you do left or right turn.

            Click central button to stop moving.

            !!! When the angle exceeds the maximum allowable towing, tug will be disconnected automatically from the aircraft. In this case, need repeat the moving and Connection again.

            Using the PULT (remote control), you can control the overall direction of towing – move forward, backward, forward to turning right, back to turning left. The remote is not designed for precise control. For precise control you need to use the joystick. In this case – you are the driver of the tractor!

            4. DISCONNECT.

            You can click LOCK again to unlock/distonnect yout tug. In this case tug drive some backward from aircraft.

            5. BACK TO POSITION.

            You can drive your tow manually after disconnect or use BYE button to do it auto.

            6.TURN OFF.

            Use PULT or X-PLANE Menu to unload Tug.


            *** – you can select 3 types of tugs via PULT. Please use only usefull tug for your aircraft. Be sure what LARGE type or MEDIUM type is not good for Cessna 172 towing. !!! Sure, you can try, but this plugin have not FOOL-PROTECTION options. Similarly, it makes no sense to use the CALL button if you have already arrived at the aircraft. Be reasonable!


            NOTE: If you use X-Plane with mouse only, please be sure what you have some keyboard keys assigned to steer?nose wheel at?Settings/Joystick and Equipment/Keys like this example: